IRS Form 8879 Instructions for 2023

IRS Form 8879 Instructions for 2023

Hey there, tax-savvy friends! I know that dealing with taxes can be a bit daunting, especially when filling out forms and understanding the ins and outs of taxation. So, I'm here to help you get a grip on one of the essential forms you might come across - Form 8879: IRS e-file Signature Authorization. Let's dive in and break down everything you need to know about this form, from its purpose to common mistakes and how to avoid them.

IRS Form 8879: Instructions & Advice

First, let's talk about the purpose of this essential document and when you might need to use it. Taxpayers use U.S. tax form 8879 to authorize an Electronic Return Originator (ERO) to e-file their Federal income tax return. In simpler terms, the form is a way for you to give your tax preparer permission to file your taxes on your behalf electronically. You'll need this document when you cannot e-sign your tax return or need to authorize an ERO to enter or generate your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Steps to Complete the 8879 Tax Form

Now that we've covered the basics, let's move on to the essential details you need to consider while working with the 8879 template:

  • Make sure to provide accurate information about yourself, such as your name, Social Security Number (SSN), and your spouse's SSN if you're filing jointly.
  • Double-check the tax return information, including the form number, tax year, and the amount you owe or the refund you expect.
  • Ensure that you, your spouse (if applicable), and the ERO all sign and date the form.
  • Keep a copy of the completed IRS Form 8879 fillable for your records.

Tips to Avoid Mistakes

With these details in mind, let's go over some of the most common mistakes people make when completing the 8879 template and tips on how to avoid them:

  • Before signing the 8879 sample, review your tax return carefully to ensure all the information is correct. This includes your income, deductions, and credits.
  • You, your spouse (if filing jointly), and the ERO must all sign and date the 8879 template. An unsigned form is considered invalid and may result in your e-file being rejected.
  • Double-check your SSN and your spouse's SSN (if applicable). Errors in this information can lead to processing delays or even rejection of your tax return.
  • After you download IRS Form 8879 and complete it, keep a copy for your records. This can be helpful if there are any discrepancies or issues with your tax return later on.
  • There are several versions of Form 8879, each with a specific purpose. Make sure you're using the correct one for your tax situation. Consult with your tax preparer or the IRS website if you're unsure.