Tax Form 8879: Printable VS Fillable

Tax Form 8879: Printable VS Fillable

As a former lawyer and current financial enthusiast, I understand the importance of staying updated on tax matters, especially when it comes to filing necessary forms like the IRS Form 8879. In this article, we will discuss the printable and fillable versions of this form, their pros and cons, and which instances are best suited for filing the form online.

What is IRS Form 8879?

IRS Form 8879, also known as the "IRS e-file Signature Authorization," is a document that taxpayers must complete and submit to authorize an electronic return originator (ERO) to e-file their tax return. This document is particularly relevant when the taxpayer cannot physically sign the tax return or when they have a tax preparer who will electronically file the return on their behalf.

Printable Version of IRS Form 8879

  • Advantages:
    • Many taxpayers are more comfortable working with a physical, printed document. This can help minimize errors and ensure that they understand the information being provided.
    • Since the form can be printed and filled out manually, taxpayers do not need internet access to complete the template, making it more accessible for those with limited connectivity.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Filling out a printable 8879 template can be slower than using the fillable version, as it requires manual data entry and mailing or delivery to the ERO or IRS.
    • With manual data entry, there is always the possibility of human error, which can lead to mistakes in the sample.

Fillable Version of the 8879 Form

  • Advantages:
    • Using the fillable version of the document can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete the 8879 copy, as data entry is quicker and more efficient.
    • Since the information is entered directly into the form fields, there is a lower risk of errors compared to the manual data entry involved with the printable version.
    • The fillable 8879 PDF allows for electronic submission, eliminating the need for mailing or physically delivering the example to the ERO or IRS.
  • Disadvantages:
    • To access and complete the fillable IRS Form 8879, taxpayers must have internet access, which may not be available to everyone.
    • Some users may experience technical issues when trying to access, complete, or submit the fillable form, which can create delays or frustration.

When to File the Form 8879 Online

Filing IRS Form 8879 online is generally recommended in the following situations:

  • When the taxpayer has reliable internet access and is comfortable using online forms.
  • If the taxpayer has a tax preparer filing their return electronically, as this will streamline the process and reduce the risk of errors.
  • In cases where time is of the essence, as electronic submission allows for quicker processing than mailing in the 8879 copy.